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We at the Top Locksmith using only state of the art equipment in the hands of professionally trained technicians. We offer non-stop affordable locksmith and security system related services, by our dispatch locations at Fremont area. The technicians at Fremont locksmith & security dispatch locations guarantee swift satisfying solutions to all locksmith requirements whether automotive, residential or commercial

We can also provide our customers a vast array of security products to meet the needs of an increasingly modern world. We can provide you with the latest monitoring devices and security systems for sensitive areas of your home or business, as well as your automobile.


Fremont CA(Wikipedia)

"Fremont is a city in Alameda County, California. It was incorporated on January 23, 1956, from the merger of five smaller communities: Centerville, Niles, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs. The city is named after John Charles Frémont, "the Great Pathfinder." Fremont is located in the southeast section of the San Francisco Bay Area. Home to an estimated 211,662 people as of 2007, Fremont is now the fourth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area as the largest suburb in the metropolis. It is included as one of the towns in Silicon Valley. "

Locksmiths Coverage Areas

Ardenwood, Baylands, Centerville, Central Downtown, East Industrial, Irvington, Little Kabul, Mission San Jose, Niles, Niles Blvd., Warm Springs

Zip Codes

94536, 94538, 94539, 94555.

Top Locksmith Fremont Services

Residential locksmith services consist of:
» Standard lock and key sets
» Mortise locks
» High-security locks
» Dead bolts
» Keyless entry system
» Safe and Vault service Remember, when looking for a locksmith in Fremont, your search stops at here. Fremont Locksmith, the company that puts your safety first!

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