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Top-Locksmith offers a range of Mortise locks products from the well recognized brands. All locksmith Mortise locks products are at attractive prices with special discounts for businesses.

Standard mortise locks

Locksmith 4174-hookbolt
Locksmith tMP-DM02-6401-US5
Locksmith MP-DA02-6401-US5
Locksmith A Series-ARROW
a series-arrow
Locksmith AM/BM Series-ARROW
am/bm series-arrow
Locksmith B Series-ARROW
b series-arrow
Locksmith Springfield TM 6573 Series
springfield tm 6573 series
Locksmith 30H Heavy Duty Mortise Locks
30h heavy duty mortise locks

High security locks

Locksmith 8200 – SARGENT
8200 – sargent
Locksmith 9200-SARGENT
Locksmith M9200 Institutional -SARGENT
m9200 institutional -sargent
Locksmith 7800 Knob Locks – SARGENT
7800 knob locks – sargent
Locksmith PT 7800 – SARGENT
pt 7800 – sargent
Locksmith Profile Series – SARGENT
profile series – sargent

Decorative mortise locks

Locksmith Barclay TM 6554 Series
barclay tm 6554 series
Locksmith 500 Series -MUL-T-LOCK
500 series -mul-t-lock
Locksmith 400 Series-MUL-T-LOCK
400 series-mul-t-lock
Locksmith Waldorf - OMNIA
waldorf - omnia
chateau us3-omnia
Locksmith TremontTM 6542 Series
tremonttm 6542 series
Locksmith EdinburghTM 6952 Series
edinburghtm 6952 series

Aluminium & Glass locks

Locksmith #MS1848 - Adams Rite
#ms1848 - adams rite
Locksmith Adams Rite MS1850
adams rite ms1850
Locksmith Adams Rite Hook Bolt Latch
adams rite hook bolt latch
Locksmith Adams Rite (euro)
adams rite (euro)
Locksmith Adams Rite Dead Latch
adams rite dead latch
Locksmith Adams Rite 4751
adams rite 4751
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