Get Rid of Common Lock Issues with the All-New Keyless Lock Systems

Locks have been a significant part of our lives for centuries long since we're concerned about keeping our belongings safe. Locks are typically used for ultimate protection and security. And you would surely not want to live somewhere that doesn't have a proper security system.

So, in order to feel safe and secure, it is important to have locks on doors. However, we easily take our door locks for granted. While working perfectly well every day, it suddenly stops functioning. Lock problems are quite minor and are faced by almost everyone some day or the other.

If your locks don't work fine, you might be late for work or collecting your kids from school; as you would definitely not want to leave your house or your car unsecured. Also, after having a long and tiring day at work, you wouldn't want to get locked out.

Today in this comprehensive article, we will cover a few things about the door and car locks. Firstly, we will be looking at the most common lock issues faced by people regularly. Next, we will have a quick rundown of the easiest ways to avoid getting locked out. And finally, you will obtain some valuable insights into the benefits of keyless locks.

Lets look into the common lock problems we face almost every day.

Most Common Everyday Lock Issues

There are a wide variety of locks, and each of them inflicts different kinds of problems. Nevertheless, we've listed some of the most common lock troubles that almost all of us encounter:

Broken Key

Broken keys are a very common problem when it comes to both locking and unlocking doors. And the most frustrating part is that this commonly happens whenever you are in a rush and hurry to go somewhere. Also, when you are running late, the last thing you would want to encounter is a broken key.

Faulty Lock Mechanism

At times, the locks become too adamant about functioning properly. There are a wide variety of mechanical problems that are associated with locks. While experienced locksmiths can often diagnose some problems, some issues are quite hard to detect.

Locks are Misaligned

When you are trying to lock your door and head out, you might find that your lock doesn't engage. This often happens because the lock is misaligned and doesn't sit where it is required to. If this issue happens because of wear and tear, you can repair your lock easily with some mere adjustments.

The Key Won't Turn

Another common problem is the key getting inside the lock but not turning at all. This might happen because your lock has probably been seized. And if you forcefully try to turn the key, it might also cause key breakages.

Some silicon sprays are widely available in the market and can quickly solve the prevailing issue. And if required, you can also get in touch with the best locksmith professionals. They will resolve the issue within a blink of an eye and will also provide you with new keys.

Jammed Key Pathway

When you find that your key doesn't get inside the lock, you should check whether you are inserting the right key. And if you are using the right keys but still it doesn't get in, then the key pathway is probably jammed. So it is always recommended to test new keys whenever you get them cut only to ensure they're functioning properly.

If there's a blockage in the lock, you might want to resolve the issue by using a DIY method. Nonetheless, DIY remedies can often bring extensive problems rather than solve them. So it is always best to get in touch with a reputable locksmith to investigate the prevailing issue.

Locks are Frozen

Sometimes your lock might be frozen, and you might have difficulty in both locking and unlocking it. This often happens because moisture seeps inside the lock when the temperature keeps on dropping. And if you are trying to fix it all by yourself, you must be very careful.

You must never force the key inside a frozen lock. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a broken key which is even more troublesome. Nevertheless, you can always consider contacting a professional locksmith to solve the persisting issue. They are very likely to have the best solutions for frozen locks, which will not inflict any damage to your lock or keys.

Key Pathways are Sticky

There might be times when you would have the need to jiggle your keys before reaching out to the lock. If you face this kind of issue, then your lock probably has a sticky pathway. So you must consider repairing or replacing the lock before it completely gives up.

Key Broken Inside Lock

A problematic mechanic of the lock is another very common issue that almost every one of us has faced. Since this issue cannot be resolved with any DIY methods, it's ideal to hire a locksmith professional. They will seamlessly help you to either repair or replace the entire lock.

Door locks might be small, but they are immensely crucial. In fact, they are the biggest protector of both safety and security for your home, car, and business. And over time, it is very common to encounter difficulty with any type of door lock.

So it is important to keep an eye out for significant signs that are likely to inflict problems. And whenever any kind of problem associated with locks arises, you must get in touch with a professional locksmith.

The common lock problems might often get you locked out at crucial moments. And getting locked out often can be extremely intimidating. However, there are some amazing ways through which you can avoid getting locked out any further. In the next section, we will look into some techniques to avoid getting locked out.

Remarkable Ways to Avoid Getting Locked Out

Getting locked out of your home, car, business, or workplace is another common problem associated with faulty locks. And this situation can become immensely frustrating as it often occurs during the most inconvenient times.

Here, we have listed some incredible ways to avoid getting locked out or locked in your house, car, and office:

Consider Installing Electronic Locks and Smart Locks

Ditching the keys altogether is the best way to avoid getting locked out. Whether it is your residence, car, or your workplace, you can consider installing keyless locks. This might actually be a good way to prevent yourself from getting locked out at inconvenient times.

When it comes to vehicles, you can always try purchasing cars that have keypad locks. And for your home, business, and workplace, installing smart locks or electronic locks is always ideal. The best part is that these locks can easily sync with smartphones, thereby completely eliminating the need for keys.

These locks will only unlock in the presence of the authorized user. And using smart lock systems ensures homeowners that they will no longer become locked out. Even if the keys are lost, the electronic keypad deadbolts can help you unlock your home door.

However, you must note that some of the electronic deadbolt locks demand frequent battery changes. And failing to do so might possibly result in an unpredictable lockout situation all over again.

Always Hide a Spare Key

Hiding a spare key is a great backup plan for not getting locked out. However, the only downside to hiding a spare key is that someone could spot it and sneak into your house. Thus, it completely eliminates the security measures that a lock provides to any property.

This tip can surely be termed "double-edged" since it can both mitigate security and also provide aid when you're locked out. So, when it comes to hiding a spare key, it is better not to hide close to the front door. And you must specifically avoid hiding them under rugs and door mats.

And to acquire the highest level of security, you can consider hiding the spare key in a lock box. Further, you can consider locking the box somewhere you will remember and cannot be found easily.

Also, a good rule of thumb is to layer security always. This will not only delay the intruder from breaking into your house but also alert you meanwhile. So by the time you arrive, you might be able to catch the intruder red-handed.

Ensure Locking the Door Outside

Another best piece of advice to avoid getting locked out is to ensure locking your door from the outside. This is applicable to both vehicles' properties. So, instead of locking a door knob and closing it behind you, consider using keys to lock the door behind you.

This will ensure that you don't get locked out since you won't be able to lock the door without any keys. And it is indeed a great reminder that your keys are still inside. Locking the doors manually after exiting is a good tactic so that you don't get locked out in the first place.

Consider Replacing Malfunctioning Locks

To achieve the highest level of reliability about not getting locked out, you must properly take care of your existing locks. In this case, you might consider using a lubricant for your locks. This will actually help in keeping the internal mechanism functioning seamlessly.

And when the locks are no longer functioning, you should consider replacing the locks. To replace all the malfunctioning locks, you can also consider hiring a professional locksmith service. This will ensure that all the malfunctioning locks are replaced properly with the expertise of a professional locksmith.

Most importantly, hiring professionals offers guarantees of work that you cannot receive otherwise. And after your locks have been installed properly, you'll probably not have to face the trouble of getting locked out. However, in the case of vehicles, you must seek a duplicate key from professional locksmith services.

Double Check for Keys Before Leaving

Even though you might relate this tip to the previous one, checking for keys before leaving is extremely important. Also, you need to ensure that your keys are in hand whenever a locked doorknob or car door shuts. You must also consider keeping all the important items together so that you can easily manage everything.

People tend to get locked out most of the time since they are thinking about something else. And being absent-minded, they forget about carrying their keys. This is why it is always recommended to lock the doors of your apartment, car, and any other property from the outside. Also, double-checking the keys before stepping out is another important thing.

Adhering to this tip will ensure that you never run into any lookout situations unless the locks are faulty.

Try Changing Your Locks

A wide variety of cutting-edge locks available in the market functions automatically. Another excellent way to avoid any lockout situation is to purchase locks from highly reputable and trusted brands. And whenever you notice that your locks are malfunctioning, you must consider replacing them with new ones.

Once the non-functional locks are replaced, you'll no longer have to face any lockout situation. Any above-average lock with moderate usage tends to last roughly for not more than seven years. This is why it is always recommended to replace all the faulty locks as soon as any situation arises.

Further, this might mitigate the utmost need for a proficient locksmith service in the future - so just call Top-Locksmith

Always Leave a Spare Key with Trustworthy Friends or Family

Another great way to avoid an intimidating lockout situation is by leaving a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor. So if you ever get locked out, you can simply go to them and ask for assistance and also the spare key. But whenever you decide to leave a spare key, you must ensure that you can trust them.

It is always best to pick out someone close to your residence. This will actually rescue you from the lockout situation as soon as possible. But if your friend or neighbor is not nearby, you can even seek help from professional locksmith services. They have the right skills and proficiency to unlock the door for you.

Always Be Ready to Encounter Power Outages

Nowadays, most smart locks run with the help of electricity. So getting locked out in any event of a power outage is very common for those who have smart locks installed in their homes. Thus, it is always important to have a backup method for entering your house.

But if you don't have any backup method, you will need to hire locksmith professionals. Since there's no surety of when the power will be back, you can seek the help of professionals. Also, you must consider preparing yourself for power outage situations. So, you need to carry a house key every time you leave your house.

Keep Contacts of Locksmiths Handy

The last tip to avoid getting locked out of your house or car is to program contact numbers in your phone. It is crucial to keep important contacts handy, so you can seek help during any situation. So please ensure that you have pre-programmed the contact numbers of a property manager, landlord, and also professional locksmith service.

You must always prepare yourself to encounter the worst-case scenario by pre-programming numbers on your mobile phone.

You can adhere to any of these steps to avoid becoming locked out of any of your properties in the first place.

While there are a plethora of options for door locks, you can easily prevent the situation of getting locked out. And with a keyless door lock, you will never find yourself in this situation. In the next section, we will look into the compelling benefits of keyless entry door locks.

Advantages of Installing Keyless Entry Door Locks

The keyless door entry is significantly changing how we access our properties. This time-saving and convenient technology isn't new. However, you might be less familiar with the new options and features available these days.

Here, we will be taking a closer look into the smart keyless entry locks. This will actually help you to make an informed decision regarding the security of your building or facility. And while you dig deeper, you will find the top 5 ways keyless locks can make your life better.

Improved Access Control

For having access to security-sensitive applications, it's crucial to have an access control system. This will technically handle the specific requirements of the building along with its users. And keyless door locks often play a major role here.

While mechanical keys can get lost, stolen, or copied, password-protected locks deliberately prevent this risk. And this is applicable only if the keyless door locks are well-chosen and changed occasionally.

Some of the keyless door locks come with high-end built-in access control features. This includes multiple authority levels, audit trials, and also the ability to program hundreds and thousands of unique access codes. Sometimes multiple schedules can also restrict the access time for some users.

Greater Convenience

When it comes to keyless door locks, convenience is the first thing that comes to mind. Keyless door locks are way more than easy access while not having to fumble with keys any longer. Most importantly, these door locks are very easy to install and require less or zero maintenance.

It even allows retrofitting so that you can quickly upgrade from a traditional door lock with minimum disruption. Batteries power most keyless door locks. Thus, it completely eliminates the hassle and cost of routing wiring to the door.

Further, it considerably prevents any access issues from power failures. In fact, the battery-life indicators will ensure that you are never locked out of your property. And for added convenience, you will also find some keyless door locks that come with mechanical locks.

Refined and New-Age Styling

While technology is undergoing rapid evolution, keyless door locks are also evolving. And the visual styling of the keyless door locks is also evolving rapidly.

And most of the door locks you find in the market come in an attractive package made out of extremely durable materials. The best thing about these locks is that they don't only protect against unwanted access but can also withstand severe weather conditions.

As technology is improving each day, there has been a growing usage of touchscreen interfaces. And this feature in keyless door locks has extensively contributed to the rise in design standards over traditional keypad locks.

These locks come with a sleek and seamless surface, thereby providing a more elegant and aesthetic look. And this is technically akin to the new-age devices like tablets and smartphones.

So, if you're considering a keyless door lock for your home, please ensure that it's capable of handling the environment. While some locks are suited to indoor applications, others can function seamlessly even under harsh and severe weather conditions.

Saves Both Time and Money from Re-Keying

The costs of rekeying mechanical locks indeed tend to add up over time. And this is actually true for businesses that have high employee turnover, including big-box retailers and grocery stores. And keeping track of physical keys demands extensive oversight and organization.

With keyless door locks at your disposal, revoking access is quite simple. There are a few user-friendly features, including multilingual voice guidance for programming. And the state-of-the-art touchscreen technology makes it even easier to manage access to a greater number of individuals.

Enhanced Security

Locks are the only equipment that can provide complete security. And this holds true for both high-tech electronic locks and traditional mechanical models too. Also, the keyless door locks are typically compatible with tons of locking devices like mortises, cylindrical latches, deadbolts, exit devices, etc.

To Conclude

It is true that we tend to take locks for granted. However, there are plenty of ways through which we can avoid the situation of confronting issues with locks. And since keyless door locks are designed to make our lives better and easier, it is growing extensively in popularity. So if you are thinking about upgrading your existing door locks, you can always choose a keyless lock system.


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