The Growing Need For "State-Of-The-Art" High-Security Lock Systems In 2022

Are you aware of the fact that over 2 million break-ins and robberies happen every year? It's imperative to note that such burglaries occur in both commercial and residential places. Thus, security has become an alarming concern for every business and homeowner.

Without security, you'd just be welcoming the thieves and burglars into your place. It will be like giving someone a free pass to enter a concert. However, people already have doors and windows locked and safe with the traditional lock security system, so they may argue about what more they could possibly do for protection.

This article is primarily meant for them. We live in 2022, and technological advancement has gone to the next level, a point far beyond our imagination. Today, the advent of the new and latest high-security locks and systems has changed the entire lock security landscape.

The crime rate due to theft and burglary has significantly reduced since the world introduced such advanced security locks and systems. Over time, we have learned to adapt to new technologies, and now is the time to show the same approach towards our security - the one which should be every home and business owners topmost priority.

How to do that? With the new advanced high-security locks and systems. In this article, you'll learn what these new high-security locks and systems are, how they are different from the traditional old ones, why you need to switch to them, and much more. So, let's start.

The Emergence of High-Security Locks and Systems

Substantially, high-security locks and systems ensure extra resistance to off-site key duplication, breaching, destructive attacks, and manipulations. With the addition of electronics, you can now perform monitoring, audit trails, and fast recovery of any outdated or compromised credentials or assets.

Due to the following considerations, locksmith companies and manufacturers have started the development of high-security locks:

Traditional Locks And System Vs. High-Security Smart Locks And Systems

The drawback of a conventional electric-based lock and system is significantly and seamlessly resolved with the introduction of smart electronic high-security locks. You may ask how? Well, the wireless connectivity gives you access to high-security locks anywhere.

It lets you enjoy higher flexibility for accessing controls. Plus, it gives you the flexibility of on-the-spot access moderation. You can provide one-time access to people, simplifying things when it comes to letting the maintenance staff or delivery guy enter the property without actually providing them any access code or key fob.

As most high-security lock systems transmit alert signals directly onto your smart devices, like a smartphone or laptop, you will be able to watch in real-time if some unauthorized person is trying to get into your commercial or residential property. You can instantly take the necessary steps to prevent their access no matter how far you are from them.

High-Security Smart Lock System: Their Added Service

For the past couple of years, various new high-security locks and systems have come into the spotlight that leverages smart digital technology and enable you to access and open the lock with a few clicks on your smartphone. It lets you monitor access through notification alerts.

Even though the functionality of a high-security lock system is more or less like the conventional, old electronic lock system, the latest technology indeed incorporates some "state-of-the-art" features and services over the older version. For instance, you can open and access the smart lock at your property from any part of the world by using a smartphone app.

What's more, the market has witnessed high-security lock systems with cutting-edge technology that lets you program and customize the lock to let it open automatically whenever someone with an access-permitted smartphone enters the property area - and to lock the property again when they leave the premises.

A crucial thing to remember while spending money on a high-security lock system is that the characteristics that make such lock systems' smart and highly secure needs wireless connectivity (like WiFi) and a smartphone.

High-Security Lock Systems: What Makes Them So Special & Recommendable?

High-security lock systems have been designed to introduce an effective solution to the weakness and fragility of traditional locks. These new, advanced lock systems ensure "next-level" security for the ultimate protection of your valuable documents and items.

Some features that make this advanced lock system so special and recommendable include the following:

Drill Resistance

You may already know that drilling is one of the simplest and most used ways to destroy a lock and get access. We at Top-Locksmith apply this method in case of emergencies. Typically, once a person drills the lock, there's no doubt that they will break in.

A burglar or thief uses a drill, if possible, to get quick access to the valuables. This method saves a lot of manual labor for the criminal as they won't require any physical strength to break in. However, a high-security lock ensures optimal protection against drilling.

There are two typical ways used by these locks to prevent drilling. The first is that the lock leverages hardened steel ball-bearings, and the second is that it uses anti-drill plates. These two approaches either prevent the drill from getting too effective or prevent the drill from getting into the lock.

Sturdy Hardware

It's simple: the heavier the lock and it's material composition, the better. It implies the metal utilized for the manufacturing of the lock is crucial. If the manufacturer cuts down the production budget by using plastics, hollow spaces, or cheap materials, there's no doubt that your security will be in danger.

A lock made of lightweight material is a joke in terms of security as it can never withstand any hard, full-forced impact. As a result, a broken lock produced out of plastics or cheap materials is useless, no matter if it has anti-drill plates.

Here, high-security locks can be your savior. These locks are produced with the best-in-class grade-1 or grade-2 metals for top-notch security. Not even a solid artificial impact can destroy such locks. The metals used in these locks are composed of the highest quality in the market.

Key Copying

At one point in life or the other, you'll encounter a lockout situation. The wise person always takes precautions for such an incident and makes copies of the keys to skip the hassle of a lockout. However, if your sole priority is security, this isn't a smart decision to protect your locked door.

With every key, the possibility of a burglar or a thief getting the key and getting access to your commercial or residential property increases. Thus, having fewer copies of the keys is the best thing to do. But what if you lose the key and someone copies it prior to giving it back?

So, in such a situation, you may have no other choice but to call the Top-Locksmith and replace the lock. All of these could've been avoided if you'd used a high-security lock. Today, the latest high-security locks come with patented keyways, which can only be copied by a specific machine and not anywhere the thief likes.

Bolt Strength

Similar to the metal composition of the lock being heavy and sturdy, the high-security lock comes with a strong bolt too. After all, the sturdiness of the bolt is crucial to prevent the thief or burglar from using a sledgehammer, a battering ram, or things like that.

Criminals usually tend to use brute strength to gain control over the bolt. Only a high-security lock with a heavy and strong bolt can resist and hold out against such impactful force without any signs of bending. A secure bolt in high-security locks also ensures protection against various sorts of sawing.

High-Security Locks And Systems: How Can It Be Helpful?

1. It Lower Costs In The Long Run

The most significant advantage of using high-security locks and systems is that they are next to impossible to break in. The reason is their utilization of two layers of biaxial key cutting. This fabricates angled cuts within the lock, which is, in turn, extremely challenging to open by picking. Consequently, you can skip the unwanted, hefty costs associated with a robbery that can make you financially troubled.

It's nothing new that a pick-resistance lock is useless, as a thief using a drill can simply break the lockout of the housing. That's why most high-security locks for door feature housings that are resistant to drill. It keeps the locks from getting detached from the doors. This feature has significantly helped in lowering theft reports. Plus, it also implies that you won't have to deal with the cost of restoring destroyed locks with another one if someone tries to break in.

For most businesses and homeowners, most of the expenses related to door lock systems occur when they misplace the keys, or the keys are copied and subsequently need to replace the locks. However, high-security lock keys are made with patented keyways, which can't be copied anywhere in the market without authorization. Thus, your need to replace and restore the lock for security goes away.

2. It Ensures Customization & Key Control

If you have some specific needs for your door lock system, you can do it with the help of a high-security lock system. Most high-security locks offer customization that you can tailor as per your organizational (commercial) or family (residential) requirements.

Do you need to ensure optimal security in various locations? In that case, you can customize every specific system to fulfill the explicit needs of the separate working space. By performing key control customization, you can meet the physical security requirements and significantly enhance your daily key security and management.

3. Instantly Rekey Locks With Convenience

Did you ever have to replace a lock just because your daughter misplaced the key? Or did someone steal the office keys from your pocket? With the latest user-rekeyable high-security lock systems, removing locks from its hardware to rekey is impossible.

You can easily and safely reset user-rekeyable locks in the event that your key is stolen or you misplace it. This way, you won't have to remove the lock from the hardware of your door. It implies that if someone attempts to use the stolen or misplaced key will be denied access as soon as you identify the security breach.

You can reset each type of key in high-security locks and systems, ranging from master keys to even great grand master key systems. This ensures that intact security is assured on each organizational level, and determining security breaches is no longer an insecure or time-taking concern.

The key control systems safety is guaranteed by the new HESC lock systems utilization of high-security cylinders. Many significant locking system producers offer a variety of enclosures into which these cylinders can be retrofitted. They provide the option of resetting locks without jeopardizing security as a whole.

4. Use Cloud-Based Key Tracking Application To Track & Follow Serialized Keys

Your capability to monitor serialized keys is among your key controls most critical capabilities. Managers may monitor any keys that have recently been provided, orders which have been made, and the efficiency of the key control with high-security lock systems cloud-based key monitoring technical solution via a unified, user-friendly portal.

By using such software, administrators may determine the key owners, keep a record of where keys are, and rapidly determine which doorways each key opens. Key copying, which poses a significant security concern in some organizations, is likewise eliminated by serialized keys.

5. It Ensure Secure Key Control

High-security lock system elements effectively function together to safeguard the integrity of the actual buildings that house your business. Along with the physical traits that locking provides, HESC systems also provide programs that are tailored to assist every employee of your business conduct in a manner that encourages security.

To assist managers in creating institution rules that guarantee the efficiency and security of the network, these programs offer continuing education, coaching, and assistance. You may be confident that perhaps the danger of a security vulnerability is minimized to the greatest extent possible when each employee of any team in the company collaborates to improve security.

High-security lock systems are a safe and effective option for your key management as you reconcile the requirement for enhanced security in the company or residential place to reduce costs. Robust, secured key control has several advantages for the business and home, such as lower maintenance costs, more efficiency, and better protection.

Contact the best security specialists right away for additional details regarding the advantages of high-security locks and systems. They are ready to assist you in choosing the key control and locking solution that would be most suitable for your requirements by addressing any concerns you may have regarding HESC door lock systems.

High-Security Door Lock System: Is It Worth The Investment For Your Home?

The FBI estimates that over two million thefts occur annually in the United States. A minimum of 60% of such break-ins involve forced entrance, such as drilling, lock picking, or kicking through a door with physical force. Even though high-security locks are expensive, they include characteristics that make it harder for burglars to break into your house.

High-Security Lock Characteristics That Makes It Ideal For Your Home:

Regarding the securing of your property, a high-security lock system has benefits over a deadbolt lock that costs less. Such advanced locks have extremely hard cylinders and are constructed of toughened metals to withstand hammering or drilling and other forms of assault.

The "state-of-the-art" key control included in high-security systems makes it impossible for even key shops and locksmiths to duplicate the keys. Such locks include copyrighted key blanks; therefore, if anyone wishes to duplicate the key, then they will have to call the producer or an authorized person. Felons find it harder to create bump keys that suit such kinds of locks due to the finer key control.

High-Security Lock Systems Are Expensive, But Cost-Effective In The Long Run:

As per Customer Reviews, high-security locks might easily be worth ten times the price of a regular door lock. Even though this price hike may deter some home buyers, the additional cost of a high-security security locking system is often significantly less than the threshold on your property insurance when you become a casualty or victim of a robbery. Additionally, some house insurance providers may provide residents savings if they select higher-quality locks.

Lets Get A Bit Technical: Explore The High-Security Locks' Wide Applications

Cost-effective levels are provided by dedicated security techniques to identify, prevent, and protect against attacks. But where should you use high-security locks and systems? This response is based on two considerations. Using tamper and pick-resistant cylinders is advantageous when the vulnerability is minimal, and property worth is high.

Vital infrastructure for the country, including electricity power stations, water systems, liquid propellants, munitions, pharmaceuticals, server farms, and connectivity, is located in many distant areas. Although the sirens at these places are typically regulated, the system response may be lengthy. After the preliminary alert gets passed, the assailant may be delayed by several defense levels.

K-12 trimmers, carbide wheels, or physical aggression are frequently used in strikes on isolated facilities since there is rarely a significant risk of being discovered. Storage systems for firearms or ammunition have long been reliable, if little, in business sectors.

Special forces units tend to exercise the effectiveness of internal key control and restoration after people or facility tenancy modifications, significantly reducing their worry about the organizations' external key duplication. Other significant market includes prisons and jails. Inmates have an endless duration of time to make or pilfer keys.

High-security locking systems are a worthwhile choice in any sector where the worth of the resources or the repercussions of infiltration can tempt advanced threats. Building sites, commercial, mercantile, and healthcare establishments make up the final and most significant sectors. Entry-level crooks try to break in using force there.

What Else To Consider For High-Security Locks:

High-security locks and systems are available with various locking mechanisms and features in electronic and mechanical formats. When comparing products and unsure which really is most suitable for your home, look at the specifications to conduct a more precise assessment.

The following are a few of the most prevalent high-security locks:

After all, you can indeed speak with a specialist for additional guidance. They have a large assortment of high-security locks from reputable suppliers, which will assist you in better decision-making.

Final Words On High-Security Locks

Every commercial and residential building owner must keep in mind that the locks' security depends on the doors it is installed on. If you see a promotional video of some lock system being forced open with brute force, you'll see that things are unbreakable.

The locks will remain in position in the majority of instances, but the doors will typically simply rip apart from the frames. As a result, if you decide to select a high-security lock, be certain to have a strong framework and hinges that won't give way under pressure.

To conclude, all building owners should switch to high-security locks. If you discover yourself necessitated by one and have the budget to go for it, contact us at Top-Locksmith to assist you in choosing the appropriate lock.


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